Follow the Muse

Delighting my hungry echoing soul, I left small town Pennsylvania, a good upbringing, and what could've been charming life in Rural Philadelphia behind in April 2019… on a train.. with a ticket… to New Orleans. I stayed the last week in PA at my buddy Dan's house in SE Philadelphia. Dan and I met at the 2018 Philadelphia Folk Fest in the parking lot and became quick friends. Dan is a great banjo player, taught me how to finger pick LA Freeway by Guy Clark on guitar, plays peddle steel  and just genuinely loves folk music and American music in a way i can deeply relate to. We played music and cooked cheap, stayed sober together and explored the city all week long. Yet my welcome had come to an end so to Union Station i did head. I strolled though Philadelphia, its streets like a vintage coin, one side pristine and shining, the other side rusty and dying, spinning through the air, some calls out from the alley “tails!”. The city is a living musical for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. The magics everywhere.

 Halfway into my walk to the station, post a quick stop for coffee at the anarchist cafe by Dan's, I realized my backpack and guitar case  were to heavy to carry together for too long. Ill make it to the station but will have to figure a way to check this backpack somewhere when i get to the Big Easy….  to be continued.

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