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 With an emphasis on Folk Blues and Jazz, Marcus Angeloni is a songwriter using music and poetry to bring new feeling to familiar and not so familiar songs. Weaving stories from today with old timey music aswell as more modern influences to craft a beautiful tapestry of complimentary contradiction.

Marcus grew up in what he calls "Rural Philadelphia" where music and poetry became the muses he'd follow. Marcus began performing at dive bars, cafes and parties in 2011. in 2019 he left his Pennsylvannia roots and moved to Portland Oregon where the nature and environmental rights gave him some peace of mind. With that peace of mind Marcus recorded his first album "hillbilly crooner" accompanied by local instrumentalist including James Rossi and Pete Krebs.

The album was released during 2020 and there was no tour due to Covid.
Although in 2021 Marcus toured across the country before settling for awhile in New Orleans. Marcus returned to Portland Oregon after six months of performing and writing in the south and is working on recording new records.

Press / Reviews

  • Marcus is a genuine troubadour with an open heart and a keen ear. In the tradition of musical truth-seekers, he’s carrying the torch and illuminating the path of humanness. I’m excited to see his star rise and watch where it carries him. 

-Brian Alley (banjo w/, Portland Oregon bluegrass band
Never Come Down,)

  •  "One of the best songwriters I have ever met. Marcus channels the spirit of American Folk music in every lyric and every note that he plays. His pure authentic sound is like a time capsule taking you on a journey through America over the past 100 years." 

- James Daniels Co-Founder of Chestnut Grove (

  • "Written and performed by Marcus Angeloni, “Don’t Be Worry’n Mama is featured on his new album – perfectly titled – Hillbilly Crooner. Providing a comforting collection of harmonica and string, “Don’t Be Worry’n Mama” is a gift of country music to all mamas who have watched their sons grow up and go off into their world on their own. Mistakes are often made, but it’s all part of the journey, all part of the learning experience. And no matter what – what Mama has taught you will stay with you in your heart. Audiences will connect with Angeloni’s words, no matter what their story may have entailed" 

    -Rock The Pigeon 

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