The Goodtime Medicine Show

Marcus Angeloni & The Goodtime Medicine Show

Good Times, Good Trouble, Good Music

The Goodtime Medicine Show is a band, art show, and homemade goods co-op lead by Troubadour and Songwriter Marcus Angeloni. The Goodtime Medicine show travels from big city to small town and small town to big city to share culture bring folks together and most importantly, Have a Good Time.

Following The Muse: a Blog By Marcus Angeloni

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Delighting my hungry echoing soul, I left small town Pennsylvania, a good upbringing, and what could've been charming life in Rural Philadelphia behind in April 2019… on a train.. with a ticket… to New Orleans. I stayed the last week in PA at my buddy Dan's house in SE Philadelphia. Dan and I met at the 2018 Philadelphia Folk Fest in the parking lot and became quick friends. Dan is a great banjo player, taught me how to finger pick LA Freeway by Guy Clark on guitar, plays peddle steel  and just genuinely…

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Traveling is expensive, traveling with a band and crew brings even more challenges and expenses. If you dig what we are doing and want to support our growth please become a monthly donor here.


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